Everyone lies but when is it to much

What if you woke up and your whole world changed.
What if everything that you knew was a lie even your humanity.
Elizabeth was a girl like any other until one day she wasn't. 


“I wasn’t doing anything,” I said, wondering why I was defending myself to him; it’s not like he had made any effort to see me within the last few months. Granted what happened was my fault, but who wanted to be logical? Before I could get myself worked up into a good snit, his lips were nipping at mine, asking for an invitation that I was only too happy to give. Yeah, I was a push over when it came to his lips. We kissed for what seemed like hours, his lips slowly devouring mine. By the time he lifted his lips from mine my whole body felt like a melted puddle. My breath came in heavy gasps as I tried to calm my racing heart. Luckily, he wasn’t in much better shape, his blue eyes shining bright in the darkness. Lifting his body from mine, I felt abandoned until he settled onto the bed next to me and pulled my back to his chest, his fingers entwining with mine. My mind told me that the best thing to do would be to ask him to leave; it would be better for both of us but my heart had other ideas. Turning off my mind, I lay there and let the warmth of his body seep into mine, thawing through the ice that seemed to encase it, making me whole. Even if it was for a few stolen moments. 

After so long without his touch all the emotions and pain that I had been trying to hide seemed to just flow from me, not with a roar but with a whimper. Tears slid silently from my eyes. The longing and loneliness that had always been such a part of my life before I met him and after became so sharp that the brief shining moments in which he appeared seemed like a dream. A dream that teased me with what I never had, someone who’s very soul ached like mine for acceptance and love. Someone who would stand by me and fight with me no matter what. Someone to whom I was everything. How could I love him so deeply when I barely knew him? But it felt so right that it was a physical pain to be separated from him. I didn’t think even death would give me peace from this. The pain, it would just follow me into eternal sleep. In my mind loving and trusting someone were two separate things but they weren’t. In a shining moment of clarity I realized that I was such a coward. He was willing to come to me after the horrible things I said to him, and I was afraid to tell him the truth. Pulling my hand from his I wiped the tears from my face angry with myself. Did I want to live my life like this? No, better he take it if he needed to than to suffer one more minute.

Little Bird

Crimson coats the sky, high up were little birds dare not fly.

Little birds dart and hide as large shadows pass up high.

Little bird do not cry make no sound while you fly,

sing no song, flap no wing, soar only from tree to tree.

Little bird do not look where other birds have been took.

Little bird, little bird you have been found. Little bird you made a sound.

Little bird you so did look.

Crimson coat you do now wear.

Little bird your vacant stare.

Little bird you soared too high where you were warned not to fly.

So down low you do now lay as warning to stay away.

Little bird, little bird look out there do not fly over there.